Venue Cancelled for Jim Horner GP? No problem!

Late on Thursday afternoon (the race was on Saturday), race organizer Lorne Dmitruk received an e-mail regarding the event. Apparently, due to rain the use of Mill Creek Ravine was in doubt. Friday afternoon, Turf Management pulled the location entirely. Previously adjacent to our clubhouse, the choice of race location was now either Terwillegar Park or Tiger Goldstick Park.

After Lorne's late afternoon scouting session, the Pavilion at Tiger Goldstick Park clinched it for the race. Port-a-potty problem solved!

The decision made, Lorne went into action: emails to Juventus, emails to racers, Facebook posts, Tweets a tweeting . . . it was time to let Social Media do its thing. Fortunately, the cycling community is plugged in; only two people showed up at at Argyll Velodrome. 

By all accounts, the 2017 Jim Horner GP of Cyclocross was a great success! Thanks to quick thinking, the new course worked well; and of course Juventus Volunteers are always up for a challenge. Course set up was accomplished in record time, marshals kept the race flowing, and after clean up, it was like the race never happened. 

Thank you to the club for great support and congratulations Lorne on organizing a super race!



Posted on October 6, 2017 .

National Titles and Podiums for Juventus!

The 2017 Canadian National Elite/Master Track Championships were held this weekend at the Mattamy Velodrome in Milton, Ontario. Juventus was represented in elite women, elite men, master women, and all 3 master men categories. 

Our results were outstanding with many personal bests, intuitive and smart race tactics, and some truly gutsy performances!

Evan Burtnik has been with Juventus since he started in LAMP. He is currently riding for Canada's Team RaceClean. Evan has spent a considerable portion of the past year in Europe, racing and training on the road. Interspersed with road work were a few track projects including one where he raced on a 250 outdoor concrete track in Guatemala City.

Evan was in beast mode this weekend, and was part of the winning Elite Men's Team Pursuit (TP). Evan also raced in the Omnium, and was one of few who had prior experience with the new format.


Once a two day event that included a flying lap and individual pursuit (IP), it is now a one day event comprised entirely of bunch races: a scratch, a tempo (a race that begins with no points for 5 laps and then is point a lap to first across the line every lap until the race is complete . . .  and yes you can take a lap for 20 points), an elimination (Devil), and a points race where all the points you earn count toward your Omnium total. 


Evan spun his way into the Elite Men's IP Bronze medal final with a 4 second PB, but had to settle for 4th against Adam Roberge. 


Last up for Evan was the 100 lap Madison race where he partnered with fellow RaceClean teammate and Omnium winner Derek Gee. What a sizzler of a race! Points are available every 10 laps, and timing exchanges to take advantage of fresher legs is critical. Burtnik and Gee both raced aggressively, always looking to take a lap for the additional 20 points. Six very competitive teams made the race spicy from beginning to end, but when it was over, Evan Burtnik and Derek Gee were 2017 National Madison Champions!



Kinley Gibson is also a Juventus LAMP graduate and currently races for Ottawa based Cyclery 4iiii. Since track nationals, she has been promoted from Canada's Women's NextGen Program to the Canadian Elite Women's Endurance Program. Like Evan, Kinley was busy in Milton - racing Team Pursuit, the Omnium, the IP, and in the inaugural Elite Women's Madison National Championship.


The TP at nationals is typically fun; many racers are part of composite teams and riders have little time to practice together. Often an opportunity for much less experienced riders to interact with TP specialists presents itself. It's always interesting to see how the race plan works. Cyclery 4iiii women joined young Quebec talent Laurie Jussaume to take silver - with a very strong ride.


Kinley was the silver medalist in the Omnium in 2016 and was excited for the new format. After completion of the first 3 races she found herself in 2nd place, 2 points off first (tied between Jasmin Duerhring and Ariane Bonhomme). An unfortunate early race crash left Ariane unable to continue, and Jasmin 2 laps (and -40 points) back. Kinley was marked by Allison Beveridge who left Kinley to chase down moves, but could out sprint Kinley for points. A smart competitor, Allison won the championship, Kinley was 2nd, and Annie Foreman-Mackey was 3rd.


The next day, Kinley was able to defend her 2016 National Title in the IP. She qualified 1st, by a tenth of second. In the final, she bettered her time by 2 seconds finishing 5 seconds ahead of Laurie Jussaume.


The Women's Madison race almost did not happen. Many did not have experience and were cautious about entering. A afternoon blitz yielded the requisite 4 teams needed, and included a Juventus uniformed composite team of sprinters - Meika Ellis and Ontario's Charlotte Roberge. Kinley joined with Laurie Jussaume, Allison and Jasmin teamed up, and Laura Brown partnered with Annie Foreman-Mackey. 

It was a really great race to watch, and the more inexperienced riders soon learned better timing of attacks, chase downs, and sprints. The exchanges became more aggressive as the race progressed, and all the riders put on a fantastic show. 


Lindsay Sommerset races in the Master women category and trains with the Argyll Velodrome Racing Academy (AVRA). Lindsay was in Milton to settle a few scores with a track that had removed a bit of her skin the previous year. Lindsay began with her 500 TT. She adhered to coach Alex Ongaro's instructions, and with a strong start smoothed her way to a best time.


Next was her nemesis - the Scratch Race. Lindsay eased her way down to the apron for the neutral lap, then steadily worked her way up to the back of the field. She cautiously followed the group, but was able to launch 2 separate attacks during the race - all in all a success!  


On day 3, Lindsay competed in her final event - the IP. She was focussed, smooth and steady, and raced to a 10 second PB! Eyes covered, Lindsay listened as the last of the women completed their rides. Lindsay became an eruption of tears and shrieks as disbelief was replaced by pure happiness! She was on the podium! Bronze!


Peter Hillman competes in Master B men. Pete was our only master sprinter and looked to go sub 12 for the first time. He is convinced that his 11.8 second PB was owed to the club's double disks. Perhaps there was also some good training and preparation? - probably yes.


As with the TP, Team Sprint (TS) is often made of composite teams. Pete joined Alberta riders Kevin Rokosh, and Craig Debellefeuille for Bronze in the 6 team showdown.


The Keirin allowed Peter an experience no one wants. In the qualifying round, a wheel touch crashed Pete to the boards. Fortunately, only pride and a bit of skin were left behind. A quick check by the medics, and Peter was ready to tell his tale to a concerned extended family, in Milton to cheer Peter on.


Devaney Collier is a Juventus member currently training with the Women's Endurance NextGen Program. Devaney opted for non Juventus neutral kit. Competing on a composite team for the Team Sprint, Devaney, along with Jenna Nestman, raced to silver in a time of 37.2 seconds. Podium!


Next up was the Omnium. Devaney was one of the few racers on the women's side with experience in the new format. Coming into the final points race, Devaney was in 6th position. As the women wound up for the first points on offer, Ariane Bonhomme, adjacent to Devaney, went down - taking out fellow Omnium leader Jasmin Duehring. Although Jasmin was able to rejoin the race, she was 2 laps down. Jasmin was desperate to take laps, trying to dig herself out of the negative. Devaney followed the chase moves and was able to take additional points. She finished the Omnium in 6th place.


Dan Nelson races with Master B men, and is an AVRA athlete coached by Alex Ongaro. (Dan also makes a mouthwatering homemade pasta sauce with meatballs that is divine.)


First up for Dan was the Scratch race. Dan was active throughout, working with the group to chase down 3 off the front. Bad luck reared its ugly head when a commissaire's yellow flag was misinterpreted by the chase group late in the race. The group fractured and was unable to salvage the chase.

Dan finished the race in 7th place. Dan was active in his 60 lap Points race, with attacks and counter attacks! 


Dan also challenged the 3 km IP. Dan's preparation is fastidious, and you know that everything that can be controlled will be controlled. With that, Dan went with mechanic/split caller/holder Adam Todd to the start. Dan looked in good form, and finished with a time equal to his best. Naturally he was aiming to see improvement, and so was not impressed. 18 minutes later, Dan was smiling, thanking everyone for all of their help and hard work, exuding nothing but positivity. Dan is a true competitor. 


Zac Lipinski is a second year junior and decided to take advantage of the rule change that now allows year 2 juniors to enter elite nationals. A lot of great learning happened this weekend for Zac. He got to experience the fast pace and endurance required at the elite level. He raced the 1 km TT, Omnium, and IP. 


After some bedazzlement in the Omnium Scratch and Tempo, Zac was ready to really take on the Elimination race. He managed to place himself well in the bunch and kept himself alive until the Devil plucked him off with 8 left of 23 starters. He definitely did well in that one! Next year should be interesting.


Meika Ellis is a Juventus club member currently living and working in Ottawa. She competes with the Elite Women. Meika has been busy with work, and most of her prep has been on the road or rollers. This appears to be working quite well . . . after an 8th in the 500 TT, Meika really got things rolling with a 12.6 second 200 TT - a PB!


It was enough to qualify for the sprint rounds. Her first match was against national team member Tegan Cochrane. Although Tegan would win both matches, Meika gave her a real run for the money on the first ride!


In the Keirin race, Meika suffered a fate similar to Peter Hillman's. A tire touch ended her chances.



And that would have been the end of Nationals 2017 for Meika - but the Women's Elite Madison needed more teams . . . Meika used her finagling powers to secure another sprinter (Charlotte Roberge) for a Juventus composite team. She next asked Laura Brown if she would throw with Annie Foreman-Mackey. Along with Kinley, Laurie, Allison, and Jasmin, all raced the first ever Canadian Women's Elite Madison National Championship! There were three teams of enduros, and one team of sprinters. It was clean, safe, fast and amazing!  


Peter Toth raced in Master C men. He raced the endurance events on offer, looking to test himself before competition next week at Master World Track Championships in Los Angeles. In the 40 lap Points race, Peter was nipped off the podium, finishing a single point short of bronze.


Peter is part of a composite TP that plans to compete in LA. This team was one of 4 in the Master men's TP, and finished with a silver medal. A Scratch race and and IP completed the racing. 

Juventus always shows so well, especially against the best in the country. Congratulations to all of our competitors!





Peter Toth


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Todd the Backbone of Juventus Strength at Track Nationals!

The Juventus pit in Milton, Ontario's Mattamy Velodrome bustled this weekend. September is both the end of the outdoor track season, and the beginning of the indoor track season: the perfect time for the Canadian National Elite and Master Track Championships.


And whether Elite or Master, there was a Juventus rider in nearly every event needing to prepare, focus, perform, and recover.

The person that made our Juventus pit special was cool, calm, and super savvy mechanic Adam Todd. Adam arrived early every morning and was usually the last to leave. He had the right wheel for every bike for every race. His gear changes were a study in efficiency of motion.


He brought his own carefully selected tools and supplies - anticipating all the little things, that even with the best planning inevitably go wrong. So, he was ready when drop out bolts were suddenly missing, when a tire valve leaked 5 minutes before a gold medal final, when a 911 unfamiliar fork change was required, and when racers from around Canada sought help and assistance. 

Adam represented the best of Juventus with thoughtful words and a listening ear, all while quickly attending to bikes at a misleadingly relaxed pace.


Adam also picked up IP and TP split calling skills, walking the line to ensure our riders knew how much they were up on or behind pace. It should be noted that the late night math calculations to determine lap times were indeed elegant.

Any Keirin race or Match Sprint requires a holder or a throw in. Again, Adam was an asset; a great send off sometimes sets the tone for the whole race! 


Thank you to Adam Todd for all of your precise work as our mechanic, and thank you Adam for showcasing Juventus so well.

Posted on October 1, 2017 .

Juventus with Special Assist at Track Nats!

Juventus trackies will have additional support at this year's Canadian Track Championships. Track Equipment Manager and ace mechanic Adam Todd is along to ensure the smooth function of wheels and bikes. 


Prior to competition, Adam assembled club wheels while he supervised his eager team of 'helpers'. It's extremely handy to have an experienced mechanic as part of our team. All the little problems that inevitably occur, can be resolved quickly - and that definitely contributes a stress free pit. 


Adam tested the Milton boards, but couldn't resist evaluating why Lindsay might be walking her bike.


Meanwhile, Dan opted for a pre ride warm up on a mini Penny Farthing. The fixed gear bike proved a lot of fun to ride!

Posted on September 28, 2017 .

Nelson Gives Overnight Porridge Thumbs Up!

Juventus master Dan Nelson is currently in Milton, Ontario for the Canadian Elite and Master National Track Championships. One day out from the start of competition, Dan has broken one race rule: never try something untested at an event. 


That's right - Dan ventured into new territory with a breakfast of overnight oatmeal! Oatmeal, spices, pumpkin, milk and apples were left overnight in the fridge and warmed for a cozy morning meal. Fortunately, this concoction comes with a recommendation from Kinley Gibson, also here to compete. Let's hope this will be the recipe for success!

Posted on September 27, 2017 .

Sidney McGill sidelined by pre-ride crash in Australia

Second year Juventus Junior Sidney McGill has had a string of unfortunate luck. Still - Sidney worked her way through both health issues and crash injuries to prepare to compete against the top Junior Women from around the world.   

At the end of August, Sidney travelled with the Canadian Team to Cairns, Australia for the 2017 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships.

2017 Canadian Junior Women's Mountain Bike National Team in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

2017 Canadian Junior Women's Mountain Bike National Team in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

A fluke crash two days out from competition resulted in a sprained wrist that will prevent Sidney from competing. As you can imagine, this is a devastating turn of events  . . . all of the hard work and effort to get in top form . . . and now just waiting for the body to heal. 

Sport excellence is never easy. Congratulations Sidney on all of your hard work to prepare for these World Championships, and congratulations on your selection to the Canadian Junior Women's National Team! We look forward to your return to racing, stronger and better than ever!

The Canadian Mountain Bike National Team in Cairns, Queensland, Australia for 2017 World Mountain Bike Championships

The Canadian Mountain Bike National Team in Cairns, Queensland, Australia for 2017 World Mountain Bike Championships

Posted on September 6, 2017 .

Tour of Alberta and Velothon Inspire Family Juventus!

Juventus truly embraced the 5th edition of the Tour of Alberta. In Jasper, they cheered as the Pros made their way up to Marmot and along the course; youth assisted with presentations and rode with select teams for training rides: everyone loved to be part of the excitement.


Stage 2 moved onto Spruce Grove and Stages 3 &4 to Edmonton: Juventus youth had opportunities to ride with the pros, bbq with the pros, and even dine with Giro superstar Ryder Hesjedal.


The route of the 4th and final stage of the Tour of Alberta was fully vetted thanks to the Velothon, a 60 km or 100 km race/ride offered to cyclists ready for the pro experience of a closed course. Juventus kit was everywhere! Once the morning racing was complete, Juventus returned in numbers to watch the final stage with beautiful weather complimenting a very exciting finish to the 2017 edition of the Tour of Alberta!

unnamed (1).jpg
Posted on September 6, 2017 .

Silver for Wilson at Para Road Worlds - South Africa!

Ross Wilson is returning from half way around the world - and he's bringing home some extra hardware. Ross pulled off a stellar performance in his ITT at the Para World Championships, coming in 2nd in the strong and deep C1 field.

Ross Wilson with his silver medal from the 2017 Para Road C1 ITT World Championship

Ross Wilson with his silver medal from the 2017 Para Road C1 ITT World Championship

Of course, if you know Ross, you will know that he is still trying to find the missing 28.21 seconds over 23.3 km that first place finisher, German Michael Teuber, managed to shave off. Our Ross . . . his goal remains singularly focused on the World Championship's top step, and the rainbow jersey. 

Ross was also part of Canada's team in the road race. A crash in the bunch meant Ross had to chase, and he ended up just one position shy of the podium. It sounds like TT work was the order of these championships for Ross!

Elite athletes are talented, but they are successful because of their ability to do the work each, and every day . . . for years.  Ross always does the work. Congratulations to Ross on a very successful World Championships!

Posted on September 4, 2017 .

Gold at Pan Am Champs - Juventus half of WTP!

The 2017 Pan American Track Cycling Championships were held August 30th - September 3rd. Canada opted to send a full NextGen team, along with coach Jenny Trew, to defend the Women's Team Pursuit title from 2016. Juventus team members Kinley Gibson and Devaney Collier were part of the team, along with fellow NextGen teammates Ariane Bonhomme, and Meghan Grant. 

2017 Women's Team Pursuit Pan Am Champions - Ariane Bonhomme, Kinley Gibson, Meghan Grant, Devaney Collier with supercoach Jenny Trew.

2017 Women's Team Pursuit Pan Am Champions - Ariane Bonhomme, Kinley Gibson, Meghan Grant, Devaney Collier with supercoach Jenny Trew.

The women arrived in Trinidad, and had a couple of days to figure out the best lines on the track. In the qualifier, they finished with a time 6 seconds faster than the second place Mexicans. They felt that the ride could be improved, and in the gold medal final, put together a much better performance - catching the Mexicans to win the championship.

Kinley Gibson launches for the final, with Ariane Bonhomme P2, Meghan Grant P3, and Devaney Collier P4.

Kinley Gibson launches for the final, with Ariane Bonhomme P2, Meghan Grant P3, and Devaney Collier P4.

The Canadian NextGen Women in action.

The Canadian NextGen Women in action.

Kinley Gibson, Ariane Bonhomme, Meghan Grant, Devaney Collier

Kinley Gibson, Ariane Bonhomme, Meghan Grant, Devaney Collier

Posted on September 4, 2017 .

LAMP spins alongside Tour of Alberta pros!

Pros from the Tour of Alberta have been spotted around the Edmonton area, as they prepare for competition September 1st - 4th . . . and the pros can't help but recognize the talents of these up-and-comers.

Oscar Sevilla, Rob Britton, and the H&R Block team rode with LAMP through the river valley and then joined the kids for snacks at the Dodd house. Lots of great conversation between the kids and pros!

Posted on August 31, 2017 .

Ross Wilson set for 2017 Para Worlds!

Ross with the 2017 Canadian Para Road World Championship Team (4th athlete from the left)

Ross with the 2017 Canadian Para Road World Championship Team (4th athlete from the left)

Juventus cyclist Ross Wilson is currently in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa to compete at the 2017 Para Road World Championships this weekend. 

Friday morning at 9 am, Ross will compete in his specialty, the ITT, in the C1 classification. The Individual Time Trial consists of 3 laps of a 7.75 km course,  completing a total distance of 23.3 km.

On Sunday, Ross will join his Canadian teammates in the C1-C3 Road Race. The 60.7 km course will consist of 10 x 6.7 km laps.

Click here to watch the livestream of the 2017 Para Road World Championships!

Hey Ross - look good, feel good . . . feel good, GO FAST!


Posted on August 30, 2017 .

So much fun at the Provincial Team Time Trial Championships!

How do you know it's going to be a perfect day for a TTT? Well, if the Fritou lads arrive in a timely fashion, and they're all wearing coordinated team helmets, AND they've removed their warm up pants . . . you can bet things are looking good. Also, espressos had happened.

IMG Track TTT.jpg

Juventus trackie teams (4 wise ones, and the 4 young guns) were ready at 10 Sunday morning at Miquelon Lake, to compete at the Juventus sponsored Provincial TTT Championships. 27 km of pain was plenty, still - both teams managed solid lead outs (thanks Adam, and thanks Mat) to finish strong, 3 abreast.


And that's Juventus with the win in the Citizen category!

Lead out for the Juv win in the citizen category complete, and now just rolling along!

Lead out for the Juv win in the citizen category complete, and now just rolling along!


And Juventus with the win in the Cat 4/5 category!

And Mat lightly rolling with his lead out complete for Juv win in Cat 4/5!

And Mat lightly rolling with his lead out complete for Juv win in Cat 4/5!

The Lead Out Project with great turn around execution.

The Lead Out Project with great turn around execution.


The Citizen and Cat 4/5 distance complete, it was time to set the bar for a bit more pain and suffering. The remaining teams raced a distance of 54 km - in other words two laps of the course, and three chances to perfect turning around as a team.

Seven teams contested the Open Men's Championship, but The Lead Out Project put together a blistering performance, claiming the Provincial Title by over two and a half minutes!  

Bruce leads Dan, Brian, and George efficiently into the final lap.

Bruce leads Dan, Brian, and George efficiently into the final lap.

Juventus and Velocity Cycling Clubs combined for Juv-Velocity 1, and Juv-Velocity 2 in the category.  Bruce, George, and Dan were joined by Brian and in their words "had a blast" racing the TTT for their 2nd place result. 


Juv-Velocity 2 came into the turn around with Carl in the lead, looking prepared to execute. A bit of an ill timed snafu yielded a skid flat for Lorne, and a bounce for Carl. Carl the Tiger, jumped back on the bike without pause and sped away with the threesome including George and Watson. The team would finish just behind team of 3, Toth & Co. 

A final hurrah to summer riding could not have been more wonderful. The ITT Saturday, and TTT Sunday were directed by Bruce Copeland, and we shall assume he also arranged the weather (because of its perfection).  Thank you Bruce for excellent organization.

To our many delightful Juventus volunteers - your smiles, your outgoing helpfulness, your ability to put forth such a positive image to the public, and your willingness to always pitch in is what makes Juventus so special. Thank you.

Be sure to check out the GALLERY of 2017 TTT for a few more pics!

Posted on August 27, 2017 .

Miquelon ITT fantastic success!

The weather on this final Saturday August 2017 could not have been better!

Riders competing in the Alberta ITT Provincial Championships at Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, were able to focus solely on the day's effort, with superb performances across categories. 

In the U17men's category, the Juventus sweep was complete: Alex, Luke, Chris, Ryan, and Mat, in order took the top 5 positions.  Next, U15's Sam, Jack, and Nic followed suit going 1, 2, 3, while Annie destroyed to take top step on the U15women's side.

Carl had a super ride to take bronze in Cat 4, and over in Cat 5, Lorne put down a great effort for the win (more on these 2 later).  Okay - NOW. Have a glance at Sunday's TTT miscommunication. Oops!


Gail, looking to gain a Championship jersey, gave it her all in the Open Women's Category. She narrowly missed the podium with her stellar ride.

Elka, and Lindsay represented well, with a 2nd and 3rd in the W3/4/5.

As always, Bruce ran a smooth show, with a set of volunteers that were smiling and profiling all day long. Many thanks to everyone assisting!

Posted on August 27, 2017 .

Track Provincials - Medals and PBs in Calgary!!


A keen crew of eleven Juventus riders (Scott, Zack, Ryan, Mikael, Chris, Matt, Peter T, Peter H, Dan, Lindsay, Gail), one coach (Alex Ongaro), one manager (Dave Embury), one Edmonton friend (Kevin) and four supportive parents (Aaron, Dave, John and Kien) ensured a strong presence at the Provincial Track Championships in Calgary August 19th and 20th. 

The weekend was full of great competition, personal bests, podiums, camaraderie and as always, lots of learning for all. 


Warming up under the guidance of coach Alex. 


We love our wonderful club tents, as a place of our own for 2 days!


Although there were separate youth provincials 2 weeks earlier, Matt and Chris came to compete anyway - and held their own in tough fields of adult racers.


Scott celebrates his Kieren podium


Zach + Scott = newfound Madison superpowers!! Honestly one of the most entertaining races of the weekend! 


Post podium shenanigans.


What folks were working hard for: gold, silver and bronze!


Congratulations to all on your stellar performances!

Posted on August 23, 2017 .

Perfect Weekend for PRW Series

A diverse group of Juventus raced the PRW series this weekend.

Glenora neighbourhood in Edmonton gave a warm welcome to organizers, riders, and spectators, who were all treated to a spectacular crit course on pristine roads. The weather was perfect - hot, but with a lovely breeze under shaded streets. 

On Sunday, racers headed to Miquelon Lake Provincial Park for the road race. Again, the day was clear and warm, but a strong wind ensured the field needed to be crafty. 

Congratulations to all of our riders: we had solid results in Men's 1-2, 3, 4, and 5, Women's 4/5, U17 and U15 categories. This race was yet another opportunity for our LAMP+ group to practice and execute race strategy, yielding multiple podiums!!

Posted on August 14, 2017 .

Juventus at XC Nationals

Thanks to Greg Sowak for a great article along with superb pics!

The sun shone and the dust flew at the Canmore Nordic Centre two weekends ago as Alberta hosted the Canadian National Cross-country (XC) Mountain Bike Championships for the first time since 2011.

Although the spotlight shone most brightly on veteran professional/World Cup athletes like Geoff Kabush, Raphael Gagne, Emily Batty, and 2014 World Champion Catherine Pendrel, our Juventus Expert Juniors and Cadets (U17) all had opportunities to test their mettle against Canada's best!

It was an awesome weekend of riding, racing, and learning.

Batty and Pendrel rode away from the field and battled off the front of the women’s Elite race.  Batty eventually climbed away for the win and repeated as National Champ!

Batty and Pendrel rode away from the field and battled off the front of the women’s Elite race.  Batty eventually climbed away for the win and repeated as National Champ!

They make it look SO easy!

They make it look SO easy!


Our Juventus athletes all delivered huge efforts and awesome performances on a daunting Olympic/World Cup level race course in hot, dry, and dusty conditions.  

Team Alberta’s Sean Germaine and Juventus’ Cody Shimizu lined up with the Elite Men’s U23 field, race faces set and dialed in.

Team Alberta’s Sean Germaine and Juventus’ Cody Shimizu lined up with the Elite Men’s U23 field, race faces set and dialed in.

Cody climbed well …

Cody climbed well …

. . . and cleaned the technical sections with poise and precision (don’t let your mom see you doing this, Cody!)

. . . and cleaned the technical sections with poise and precision (don’t let your mom see you doing this, Cody!)


On the Junior Expert women’s side, Laura MacLean and Abbey McGill both put in solid efforts, finishing 9th and 7th respectively.

Laura and Abbey, ready to roll.

Laura and Abbey, ready to roll.

‘A’ line or ‘B’ line, take your pick!

‘A’ line or ‘B’ line, take your pick!

Abbey chooses ‘A’.

Abbey chooses ‘A’.


16-year-old Ryan MacLean was the story of the weekend though, finishing 8th in the Men’s Cadet (U17) National Championship race on Saturday and cruising to victory in the Alberta Cup U17 race on Sunday. Luke Bristow was not far behind, finishing Sunday's 4 lap Alberta Cup event in a very respectable fourth place. Congratulations boys!

Up-and-comer Annie Wyminga Scott continues to place well!  She finished 3rd in Sunday’s U15 Women’s race.

Off the gun, Ryan was smooth and composed . . .

Off the gun, Ryan was smooth and composed . . .

. . . he stayed focused . . .

. . . he stayed focused . . .

. . . and most importantly paid attention to his coaches!

. . . and most importantly paid attention to his coaches!


By the way, BIG thanks to our awesome Juventus coaches Tracy Shearer and Ken Germaine, who tirelessly worked the pits to keep the kids "gelled", hydrated, and rolling!  And special thanks to Karen Germaine who tolerated and fed a house full of bloody, dusty, smelly mountain bikers for 4 days ... but I guess she's used to that ;)


See you again in 2018, Canmore!

Between their races, our athletes ‘camped’ at the notorious “Get Down” section to study the pros and scope the gnarly crashes.

Between their races, our athletes ‘camped’ at the notorious “Get Down” section to study the pros and scope the gnarly crashes.

Posted on August 3, 2017 .

Juventus spin to success at Calgary Trackfest!

A bunch of good looking racers: Zac, old timer Gail, young'un Lukas, Meika, brave A group racer Chris, newcomer Ryan, and AVRA coach Alex.

Coach Alex provided sage advice, a calming influence, and incredible skills  . . . including building a tent and tarp compound for every Juventi that would rival the most glamorous "glamping" accommodations.

Of note - Meika jumped into racing after next to no training, as she had been prepping for her bar exams, and U17 Chris raced with the super fast A group (including Olympic star Tara Whitten) throwing down several best times in his events.

Gail bowed out of the omnium to focus on completing a smoking hot pursuit (mission accomplished); Zach continued his breakthrough season as a super tough competitor in the A group  (just look at the seasoned and very fast men he beat in the omnium!)

Not in the photo is Peter who continued his decades long streak of making his competitors hurt in the endurance events. Also not pictured are super-Dads Aaron and Ralf who were quick to help everyone in many ways. 

Zach 2nd in the A omnium

Lukas wins the C category omnium

Meika 2nd in the B omnium

Posted on July 18, 2017 .

Juventus wins big at School's Out Dash!

A small, but powerful troupe of ten Juventus youth journeyed to Calgary on Sunday - Father's Day - for Bicisport's School's Out Dash Track Meet.  It was a very long and busy day!!  The group left Edmonton very early in the morning, and spent the day competing at Calgary's Glenmore Velodrome. 

All racers competed in a host of events for Omnium titles in the males and female age groups.  U13, U15s (Juventus Annie, Lukas, our 2 Samuels, Nic, and Jack), U17s (Juventus Mat, and Chris),  and U19s (Juventus Zac, and Cheyenne) had a full day.

Events included a Flying 200, Scratch Race, Kilo/500 TT, Elimination Race, and Points Race.  Juventus riders adjusted extremely well to Calgary's longer 400 m track (they are used to our own 333 m Argyll Velodrome).

After competition, the team returned to Edmonton - one amazing day, and great use of Daylight Saving Time! Congratulations to all! 

Juventus U15s are in the bunch on the Calgary track . . . ready to go!

Juventus U15s are in the bunch on the Calgary track . . . ready to go!

Annie wins the W U15 Omnium

Annie wins the W U15 Omnium

Lukas takes the U15 Omnium

Lukas takes the U15 Omnium

Chris on the Omnium podium for U17 men

Chris on the Omnium podium for U17 men

Cheyenne wins the W U19 Omnium

Cheyenne wins the W U19 Omnium

Zac tops the U19 Omnium podium

Zac tops the U19 Omnium podium

Posted on June 21, 2017 .

Rose Gold for Wozny and Copeland!

On Day 1 of the Masters' National Road Championships, Juventus Club President, Gail Wozny, took the bronze in the Master's Women (over 30 years) ITT.  Our Master's Coach, Bruce Copeland, also raced to third spot on the men's side. Congratulations, and best of luck to all of our Masters competing in Vancouver!

Posted on June 10, 2017 .