Tell James what equipment the club should buy . . .

Hi Juventusians,

I would like to invite all of you to give me some input into how equipment for club member use could be improved. We currently offer usage of race wheels (both road and TT), powertap wheels, bike bags, track bikes, road bikes for LAMP participants, TT helmets, and even full TT bikes.

We are always in a state of flux with equipment, be it due to replacement because of general use or even yesterday's out dated technology.

Now we are not in the business in keeping up with the Joneses, but we do what we can to keep our equipment maintained and current. We are always looking to give our athletes resources that will help keep us competitive whether it’s during a Master’s TT event or an international world class competition.

With that said, I would love to hear suggestions that any of you might have to help improve our equipment inventory. This can include both training and racing tools for in season or off season usage. Now I can’t promise brand new bikes for everyone, but I can act on suggestions if they are practical and fall within our budget.

Happy riding and have fun

contact me: James Lyon  - Vice President & Equipment Manager Juventus Cycling Club


Posted on February 3, 2014 .