Juventus Executive 2018

Our executive meets regularly  September - June.  Meeting times can be found on the Calendar as they are confirmed. All Juventus Cycling Club members are welcome to attend executive meetings.  We ask that you kindly RSVP your attendance to our club president one week prior, to ensure we can accommodate numbers and update you on meeting location. Meeting minutes are available for viewing upon request. 

Board of Directors

Gail Wozny 2/1                      President

James Lyon 1/1                      Vice President

Jim Nelson 1/1                       Treasurer

Scott Mackenzie 2/1             Secretary

David Meurer 1/1

Linda Berger 1/1                    Membership


Operations - Program Directors & Managers

Paul Wyminga                         Sprockids Director

Carrie Wicklund                     Cranx Director

Bill Burtnik                               LAMP, LAMP+ Director

Ken Germaine                          Juniors Director

Bruce Copeland                       Masters Director

Jeff Bakal                                   Track Director

Adam Todd                                Track Equipment Manager

James Lyon                                Equipment Manager

Linda Berger                             Website Manager

Lance Adamson                       Clothing and Sponsors