October 8

Hi Everyone,

Here's the line-up for this week.

Tuesday - Stairs - 6:00 meet at the parking lot across from the Royal Glenora, with your bike :)

Wednesday -  the Velodrome - 5:30

Next weekend are the CX Provincial championships in Canmore and the Pumphouse Cross in Calgary. Our current plans are to leave ~ 2:00pm from the Velodrome on Friday. We'll be staying in Canmore Friday and Saturday night and driving to Calgary Sunday morning for Sunday's race. We'll return to Edmonton after that race, in time for  Thanksgiving Monday :)  

For attendance I do have the previous Doodle survey but I do ask that you confirm via e-mail whether you intend on attending this race and traveling with us.

For race entry, register under your age classification for next year.  With World championships being in Jan/Feb this years classes for CX are actually your class for next year. Does that all make sense?

If not let me know.




Posted on October 6, 2014 .