Junior training this week

Hi Juniors,

Great job to everyone who came out on Sunday to Terwillegar Park.

Here's the schedule for this week:

Tuesday: Stair work-out, 5:45 @ the Royal Glenora stairs - ride if you can, the parking lot is very busy with the nice weather.

Wednesday: MTB at the Velodrome. Ready to go 5:30.

Weekend : TBA

Who's up for going tot eh SHerwood Park Bike park Thursday night for 1 hr to work on Drop-off/Jumps. After our experience Sunday at Terwillegar it would be helpful to those of us who were hesitant, as they have a progressive series of drop offs where the largest is the size of the one some of us were doing at Terwillegar.

Please let me know if you're game. I'm thinking meet there at 6:30. I'll confirm if tere are enough people, and that is open access for Wednesday's ride.



Posted on April 20, 2015 .