Riding for the 1st week of May

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great weekend! We had some good rides, Saturday on the trails and Sunday on the road. Well done everyone!

Here's the line-up for this week


  • Fat Tire Tuesday start this Tuesday @ Sunridge. Meet @ 6:00 for pre-ride register @ 6:30 and race time 7:00pm. It's 5 or 10 bucks per race.
  • If you don't ride the MTB race there's the Masters, or Alex and LAMP+ will be at the research park@ 6:30 for Crit training.


  • Road bikes @ the Velodrome be ready to go @ 5:30.


  • Track league. Alex & Lamp+ will be there starting @ 6:00 pm.

Lethbridge - Coulee Cruiser

  • Meet at the Velo 9:00 am Saturday driving down and then pre-riding the course before dinner
  • Bring a lunch and road snacks
  • We'll be staying at Premier inn & Suites in Lethbridge. Pack light we're only staying 1 night!!
  • Juventus will cover transportation and Rooms and everyone is responsible for their own food.
  • For those U17s who haven't raced before and plan on qualifying for Alta Summer games at the next race register in Youth Sport. It will be more of a challenge than Youth Novice.
  • Registration Deadline in the tech guide is Thursday @ Midnight be sure to register on time!
  • Those I have down going to Lethbridge are:Abbey, Sidney, Laura Marin, Cody, Mat, Chris, Colby, Ryan,Sam, Mike V, Logan, Luke, If you're not on this list let me know. We do have hotel room.

Sunday - Spring Series race:

  • If you're not going to Lethbridge the weeks race is at the same place and time as this past week


  • Velocity Stage race - race registration is up on Zone4. IF you're going to do it get in a register now. Cat5 spots are going fast
  • here is the link to the Tech Guide https://doc-0c-7g-apps-viewer.googleusercontent.com/viewer/secure/pdf/q49abth1vpekaqgvmfagqifs2118qm7b/kc4r768emtbg3rv4j71g0778if7vhtql/1462236825000/drive/08315412504429810838/ACFrOgAMriNHhLfjyHTe12a4DUyvvprWb7snU3yoOJ4dnrORuepPGtSMjXplPQOCZ9bAKMS2yNz2qGDv1Xd8skE0OwMhGehXkqfHyxd6udvGzsopYc0MmByWGVBtA=?print=true&nonce=o96sl32rh9c72&user=08315412504429810838&hash=s1720fcvpd6smgd9u3ann19nlcdbpl52
  • If you want to try and qualify for Alberta Summer games remember you need to read everything here and then register: https://doc-0c-7g-apps-viewer.googleusercontent.com/viewer/secure/pdf/q49abth1vpekaqgvmfagqifs2118qm7b/kc4r768emtbg3rv4j71g0778if7vhtql/1462236825000/drive/08315412504429810838/ACFrOgAMriNHhLfjyHTe12a4DUyvvprWb7snU3yoOJ4dnrORuepPGtSMjXplPQOCZ9bAKMS2yNz2qGDv1Xd8skE0OwMhGehXkqfHyxd6udvGzsopYc0MmByWGVBtA=?print=true&nonce=o96sl32rh9c72&user=08315412504429810838&hash=s1720fcvpd6smgd9u3ann19nlcdbpl52

See you tomorrow @ Sunridge



Posted on May 2, 2016 .