Training and Concussion testing

Hi Everyone,

This week We'll be doing the regular Wednesday training - Core and Bike&Trainer workout 5:30 - 7:15

For the concussion baseline testing I have lined up Craig from WE Physio to carry out the baseline testing and we'll start this week. It takes 20-30 minutes /per person and if we need more time he's available next week also.

As mentioned before he uses the C3Logix system to test athletes and the record their baseline values to the cloud. The information would then be available readily in the future should the need arise.

There is a nominal $25 charge for doing the testing. They don't have remote interact so Craig asked for either Cash or Cheques to WE Physio. I have also included the record form for Craig (pdf & xls) and I ask that you bring a completed version with you tomorrow.

For athletes protection I am going to insist that everyone go through this program. So if you don't get done in the next couple of weeks We'll be sure to get you done before we really begine riding outdoors.

See you tomorrow.


Posted on January 12, 2016 .