Are you ready??

Hi There Juniors,

What have you been up to since CX season finished?Are you ready to start a new season? Tracy is!

We'll start core workouts this Wednesday @ 5:30 at the Velodrome. No bike this time.

Upcoming topics,

  • Objective setting for the new year. We'll start on this is December and clean up in January when the ABA schedule comes out. be prepared by thinking about what goals you want to achieve in 2017.
  • Concussion management. I have been working with Craig at West End (WE) Physio on baseline testing and injury follow-up utilising the C3 Logix ( system. I'll write up a separate e-mail on that topic with more details.
  • look for a SurveyMonkey survey in your in-box in the next couple of weeks.



Posted on December 7, 2015 .