Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise awareness of cycling by promoting, developing, and mentoring cyclists of all ages with a love of cycling, to become the best cyclists they can be - with a sense of honour, camaraderie, community spirit, and a healthy respect for competition.

Our goal is to enjoy the ride, for the sake of the ride, because you just never know where it will take you.

Our Story                                                                          

The Edmonton Juventus Cycling Club has grown from humble beginnings. 

In 1982 a group of young Italian soccer players moved from the Inter Soccer Club of Edmonton to form their own club. They affiliated with the Italian Cultural Society and the Italian Youth club with a desire to form an organization that specialized in soccer and cycling. They started under the banner of the Edmonton Juventus Sports Club. The first season had 4 youth soccer teams and 10 cyclists.

Lino Bovo, Jim Horner, Peter Christiansen and David Embury coached and mentored young cyclists from 1982 to 1992; the sports club provided the funding and the Italian Cultural Society provided space to meet and train. The Italian Centre still boasts a room named the ‘Juventus’ room. These four can be credited for the eventual creation of what we know as the 'Edmonton Juventus Cycling Club'. 

In 1993 the cycling club moved from the Italian Centre and made the Argyll Velodrome its home with the soccer club joining them in 1999. Today the Argyll Velodrome is home for both clubs.

Who We are Today...

  • Juventus Cycling Club offers all age groups and genders great riding and racing opportunities.

  • In 2019 we will have over 400 members comprised of 8 year old to master age cycling enthusiasts.

  • From the beginner to national team level cyclists, our membership enjoys track cycling, mountain biking, cycle-cross and road racing with the club.

  • Juventus races at international, national, provincial and local events. Highlights include athletes who have competed at the Olympics, Commonwealth, and Pan AM Games, Junior World and World Championships, Junior Pan Am and Pan Am Championships, National Championships and Provincial Championships.

Name – Colours – Logo

  • "Juventus" roughly translates from Latin to ‘Youth or Juvenile'. Our name comes from the soccer history of our club. 'Juventus' is the premier division Italian soccer team in Turin, Italy.

  • Club colours - our blue and gold cycling kit hail from the Juventus soccer team. Although a separate entity from Edmonton Juventus Soccer Club, we keep the name and colours. Our black and white track kit provides a reminder of early days Juventus cycling kit.

  • Logo - our original design was by artist Janet Stein (club member since 1990).

  • In 2019 Juventus CC updated its brand. A fresh new logo and kit, designed by Santino Pasutto and Dan Nelson, pays homage to the 4 founding members of Juventus, with 4 bars beneath the words ‘Juventus CC’. Roman numerals on the collar of the jersey mark the year Juventus CC was formed, while the stylized J acknowledges the club’s Italian Juventus Sport Club roots.

Clubhouse and Argyll Velodrome

  • We are the only cycling club in North America that has its own clubhouse, and direct access to a velodrome.

  • The Argyll Velodrome Association (AVA) manages and operates the Argyll Velodrome facility and clubhouse on behalf of the Edmonton Juventus Cycling Club, the Edmonton Juventus Soccer Club and the Argyll Velodrome Association.

  • Programming on the velodrome is scheduled to facilitate the development of a broad base of cyclists from local clubs.

  • The Argyll Velodrome is a 333 1/3 meter cycling track with a 33 degree banked concrete surface.

  • Originally constructed for the 1978 Commonwealth Games, the track was resurfaced in 1995.

  • Today, Juventus members enjoy unlimited use of clubhouse facilities.

  • Our clubhouse is a full training centre with showers, roller areas, computrainers, weight room, mechanics shop and a party area.

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