A Juventus cyclist checks out Down Under - cool article included in the link!

To Whom it May Concern

An Open Letter

Dear Juventus Road Cyclists

I am an unknown "poseur" member that trained at the club house on Tuesday and Thursday evenings last year (jan-march)  I hung out at the back over by the weight room and sweated on my Surly. I am neither a category class rider nor particularly note worthy in my cycling accomplishments.  I did however teach with Mr. Adamson which should illustrate my mental toughness.

This year I find myself living in Adelaide.  Indeed I am a lone Canadian rider surrounded and passed by thousands of rabbit cyclists.  I swear as God as my witness more "kit" is sold in this city than anywhere in the known universe.

Obviously you must know the Tour Down Under is currently in full swing.  Thus, based upon your cycling interest you may like to see what I have been writing and taking photo s off should you like to see something less polished than say Cycling News or Manual for Speed.


Regardless if this "little missive" finds its way to your weekly member update page, (or not) you might like to put Adelaide on your bucket list as this is ground zero for all things road.  I am certain when I state that: "there isn't a Roadie that wouldn't like this place!  You will think you died and went to heaven."

Yours in Cycling,

Jim Skillings

Posted on January 21, 2014 .