Track team rolls on Eggnog!

'Tis the season for snow, and that means the track group's Annual Eggnog Shot Rep Roller Session.  Here they are just getting started early Sunday morning . . .


Matt gives wise words to Aaron, who has mastered his rollers quickly - with a little help from a shiny blue ball. Meanwhile, Chris is unfazed by a broken limb (a different sporting pursuit of course).

60 of 120 complete, a small recovery - and this half of the room is still looking good . . . hey, where did Cam go?  And for that matter, where is a certain Mr. S. MacKenzie?

Eggnog Shot Set 2015 is in the belly and in the legs!!  Well done.  (Gail and Linda's shot glasses may appear smaller than actual size.)

Posted on December 13, 2015 .