AVA 2015 Season Kickoff!

Thursday April 16 @ 7 pm

Juventus Clubhouse

All interested cyclists and friends

$5 donation for the pizza and beer fund


Super commissaire Mike Pinkoski has offered to give us a presentation/discussion on some track rules and a review of incidents he has collected on video.  He will spend a bit of time offering some suggestions on how both coaches and athletes can make their case effectively after an incident.  

This is also an opportunity to discuss the upcoming 2015 AVA Track Season, the calendar, and why Track League! is the greatest racing every Thursday night.

Draft Agenda:

 - Preview of Season - Learn to ride options - midweek stuff - track league schedule - weekend races 

<pizza break>

 - Insights from commissaires - interacting effectively with commissaires -  review incidents (what is seen from the infield vs. on the track) - coaches roles 


Looking forward to a great 2015 Track Season!  -Jeff



Posted on March 24, 2015 .