A busy Tuesday at the Argyll Velodrome

The weather continues toward summer, and our clubhouse and Velodrome are busier each day.


Sprockids and their handlers spent the evening learning about mountain bike maintenance.

Thank you to Pedalhead Bicycle Works for a step by step demonstration of how to care for your mountain bike.

And when a track bike makes a sound it shouldn't . . .

No worries . . . Adam Todd ensures the LAMP and Juventus bikes are in good order. 

A bit of adjustment to Gail's possible new ride.


Track training included a couple of 4 man x 6 lap pursuits, requiring good communication and teamwork.


The second ride was definitely better than the first!





The session finished off with a 10 mile.  No gentlemen were seen at any point in the ride.

Tuesday night training now moves to the 7:30 pm time slot, and will follow LAMP on the track.

Posted on April 27, 2016 .