Great racing at Velocity!

Each year, The Velocity Stage Race is a bit of a gage as to what all the winter training was about. Either that, or it serves as a marker from which to push onward with renewed effort. 

Juventus had a good sized group out racing across the categories. Early on Saturday morning, CAT 1,2,3,4,5 men, Women, and U17s had the rollers, trainers, skinsuits, and TT helmets ready for the 9.46 km time trial.  

Of course, Tracy was there to ensure the bikes were in top form and as unencumbered as possible. Word has it that a certain Colnago experienced extreme speed thanks to Marin!

The weather was wonderful and atypical for Velocity. Just a breath of wind, sunny and mild - perfect for some good results across all categories.

Next up was the Road Race. The CAT 3 men were strong with Peter in 3rd and young Mike winning the bunch sprint for 4th!  Our Women in 3/4/5 had Sidney in 2nd, with Abbey and Elka also finishing in the front bunch. Our CAT 5 men all finished in the front (and only group). U17 Matt had a sweet finish with 3rd in his race. 

Time for the Velocity Crit!!!

Our U17s bring strong track skills to the crit, and can paceline with confidence. 

Chris for the 6 second bonus, and Matt for the 4 second bonus! 

Crit action in CAT 3, crit action in CAT 5. 

Michael (young Mike) nips in for 3rd in the CAT 3 Crit sprint!

Great finish by our 3/4/5 women Marin, Sidney, Devaney and Abbey in the Crit and GC!


Peter finished the weekend with a 3rd overall in the CAT 3 GC!

Posted on May 16, 2016 .