Juventus youth show racing (including gravel) skills at Stieda Classic!

The Juventus LAMP program continues to produce cohorts of cyclists eager to race and practice tactics whenever they get the chance. Our U15/17s include LAMP and new Juventus program Juniors active on the track, road, and trail.

At the Alex Stieda Classic on Saturday, they put on a great show, and the commissaire's view was the best seat in the house.

Matt M., Matt L., Jonathon, Alex, and Chris on the neutral out to the race start . . . the legs are warming up!

U15s and U17s enjoy the neutral draft as they spin their way to the start.

Chris wears the Juventus Jersey annually awarded to top performers.

And they're off for 35.8 km of racing fun!

The bunch sorts themselves into the first corner.

Earlier, the racers missed the well marked pot hole, but the commissaire's car was not so lucky.

Up out of the saddle . . . was this a stretch, or a sign of things to come . . .?

Should the group let this go?

Matt M. attacks!

A measured response begins.

The U15s and U17s are the first to test the controversial gravel section.

Picking lines, and grinding out the watts.

7 km of gravel will blow up nearly every category.

Flying on the downhill!

3rd place finisher sprints to the line!

The U17 Podium for the Alex Stieda Classic 2016 . . .

(l-r) Matt Meuer, Alex Webb, Chris Heinemann . . . great racing by all!

Posted on May 31, 2016 .