Juventus 1 Masters top the Crankmasters' TTT podium + what TMZ dug up on This is Gonna Hurt!

Juventus 1 - George Irwin, Bruce Copeland, Dan Nelson, Peter Toth -   Crankmaster TTT 1st place

Juventus 1 - George Irwin, Bruce Copeland, Dan Nelson, Peter Toth - Crankmaster TTT 1st place


Our Juventus Masters are certainly a diverse bunch, yet there is a unifying bond when it comes to Team Time Trials. Our masters seem to thrive on the training required for a successful TTT outing. The Crankmaster TTT on August 14th provided an opportunity for Juventus to test the cohesive watts of two teams:

  • Juventus 1 - Bruce Copeland, George Irwin, Dan Nelson, and Peter Toth

  • This is Gonna Hurt - Lorne Dmitruk, Sherman Cutknife, Clive Burke, and Velo transplant Ed Heacock

The course was a rolling 32 km, out and back, and included a light headwind on the way out.  Juventus 1 rode really smoothly, trying to catch This is Gonna Hurt 5 minutes ahead. Unfortunately we do not have pictures of This is Gonna Hurt, apparently due to concerns about their combined good looks. 


Juventus 1 rode well, and without issue, until about 8 km from the finish. It was on a fairly sharp hill that Dan seemed to have had enough. Up until that point, Hollywood's ride had been smooth and strong. The three remaining Juventus 1 riders forged on, wishing for 55 tooth chainrings instead of the paltry 52s they pedalled. Memories of junior gears haunted the team.


Meanwhile, This is Gonna Hurt's combined age of 227 years provided the wisdom to evaluate the team's special warm up techniques and pre race strategies: 

  • Sherm probably drove 1000 km getting to and from family and race events, but did arrive with enough time for a warm up.

  • Ed rode from Edmonton for his warm up.

  • Clive DID NOT lock his keys in the car and DID come to the correct venue on the first try.

  • Lorne was given a warning, as commissaires noted a mid section exceeding the 3:1 regulation.


After a solid effort, the team of three Juventus 1 hit the finish strong with Dan right behind. They were pleased with their final time of just over 43 minutes, but confident they can roll faster at the Miquelon Lake Team Time Trial on Sunday August 28th!  This is Gonna Hurt finished in 48:52 and remain convinced "we were robbed"! They will not let Bruce et all off so easy at Miquelon.

Thanks to Bruce and Lorne for providing narrative to both of these excellent results.

Posted on August 17, 2016 .