Todd the Backbone of Juventus Strength at Track Nationals!

The Juventus pit in Milton, Ontario's Mattamy Velodrome bustled this weekend. September is both the end of the outdoor track season, and the beginning of the indoor track season: the perfect time for the Canadian National Elite and Master Track Championships.


And whether Elite or Master, there was a Juventus rider in nearly every event needing to prepare, focus, perform, and recover.

The person that made our Juventus pit special was cool, calm, and super savvy mechanic Adam Todd. Adam arrived early every morning and was usually the last to leave. He had the right wheel for every bike for every race. His gear changes were a study in efficiency of motion.


He brought his own carefully selected tools and supplies - anticipating all the little things, that even with the best planning inevitably go wrong. So, he was ready when drop out bolts were suddenly missing, when a tire valve leaked 5 minutes before a gold medal final, when a 911 unfamiliar fork change was required, and when racers from around Canada sought help and assistance. 

Adam represented the best of Juventus with thoughtful words and a listening ear, all while quickly attending to bikes at a misleadingly relaxed pace.


Adam also picked up IP and TP split calling skills, walking the line to ensure our riders knew how much they were up on or behind pace. It should be noted that the late night math calculations to determine lap times were indeed elegant.

Any Keirin race or Match Sprint requires a holder or a throw in. Again, Adam was an asset; a great send off sometimes sets the tone for the whole race! 


Thank you to Adam Todd for all of your precise work as our mechanic, and thank you Adam for showcasing Juventus so well.

Posted on October 1, 2017 .