Meet RBC and new Juventus athlete Kelsey Mitchell!

Hello Juventus Cycling Club,

My name is Kelsey Mitchell and I am one of the newer members to Juventus Cycling..and cycling in general. A little background information on how I ended up joining the beautiful sport of track cycling:


I have played a variety of sports my whole life, ranging from basketball, to ringette, to judo. You name a sport and I've probably tried it. My main sport though, and one true love, was soccer. I had the opportunity to play post secondary soccer with NAIT, and the University of Alberta. Once I finished my five years of eligibility, I had a “mini” life crisis when I realized my sports career was coming to an end. Or so I thought...

I heard about a competition called RBC Training Grounds - where they test an athletes power, endurance, strength, and speed across a variety of national sport standards. So I signed up!

Long story short, my peak leg power tested well, and I have now signed with Cycling Canada as a Fast-Tracked Sprint Athlete.  Being from Edmonton, Cycling Canada contacted Mr. Alex Ongaro, in hopes that he would work with me, and teach me how to actually ride a bike! He accepted (poor guy).


So, I started my cycling journey on October 17th, 2017. I attended training camps in Burnaby, Milton, and California. I also raced in the Eastern Cup on the Milton track for my first race. One accomplishment I would like to share is now having the ability to ride the rollers and watch Netflix at the same time. Took awhile, but I am slowly getting better at it. I intend to join in on one of Juventus’ Roller sessions, just don’t ride too close to me! 


I also wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you! I can honestly say that my dream of potentially attending the Olympics in 2020 would not be possible without the support I have received from Juventus Cycling Club. Bikes, bike shorts, training facility, shoes (shout out to Gail), bike tips and tricks . . . everything!! You guys are a special group and I am excited to get to meet and know you all. 

Thank you!!!

Posted on March 20, 2018 .