2019 Sprockids a definite success!

Coach Leader Greg Sowak reflects on this year’s Sprockids …

Although the trails were still a little soggy from the recent rains, the sun was out and the kids and coaches were all smiles on June 22 - the final day of Sprockids Spring Session 2019!


By all accounts, and despite a couple of weather and smoke-related cancellations, the 2019 Sprockids program was once again a resounding success. This year, nearly 100 Sprockids - riders between the ages of 8 and 11 - took to the trails of Edmonton with our crew of highly skilled and intrepid mountain-bike coaches.


The kids learned the basics of group riding, trail etiquette, safety and preparedness, along with a host of new skills. By the final Saturday of this 8 week, 20 hour program, ALL of the Sprockids were "sending it" off the edge of the Argyll bowl with speed and confidence!




2019 highlights include the Juventus Sprockids hosted Trailblazers Race on May 25, Apron races on the Velodrome, and the year end BBQ Kindly provided by the club.


Special thanks to our fantastic Sprockids Administrator, Linda Berger, who kept us organized and informed all season long!

Posted on August 21, 2019 .