Juventus Juniors

A fun, cooperative training group for juniors, this program encourages male and female riders to participate in all four cycling disciplines - road, track, mountain bike and cycle-cross. Tactical, technical, and skill progression is based on the maturity and ability level of the rider. As a rider develops he/she will often gravitate to one or two of the cycling disciplines and begin to specialize. To register for this program, all applicants must go through the Juventus Membership Application form and indicate their membership type as Junior. 

Our Program

A yearly integrated training, riding and racing program with one-to-one coaching, technical and logistical support at races, field trips, and training camps. Participants should express their interest and enthusiasm for personal improvement, training expectations, and racing goals.

Winter - Wednesday Evenings and Sundays
- spin classes
- core training
- winter night riding (weather permitting)

Spring - Wednesday Evenings and Sundays
- outdoor rides and activities
- endurance and technical skills

Summer - Wednesday evenings and Sundays
- outdoor rides
- races designed around the Alberta Bicycle Association's racing calendar
- MTB, road, track, cycle-cross

Fall - Wednesday evenings (daylight dependent)
- cycle-cross training, racing and technical skills


$290  ($150 Juventus Club membership + $40 required ABA insurance + $100 volunteer bond) The bond is refunded at the end of the year upon completion of your two volunteer commitments.

You will also need to purchase an Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA) racing license. Link to ABA registration

Membership - December 01, 2018 to November 30, 2019.

Program Contact

Ken Germaine

Junior Program Director

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