LAMP holiday weekend events

We enter into a part of the schedule with some optional events and opportunities to volunteer at one or more of the Juventus hosted Alberta races. For each of the events below, the club is looking for volunteers. This goes towards satisfying your volunteer requirements for LAMP. Without volunteers, we would not be able to run the events for the licensed racers, let alone have LAMP riders participate.

Note: the tech guides contain information for licensed racers. LAMP riders have exceptions, notably the fee and sign-up procedures.

  1. Provincial ITT (Time Trial). Opportunity for LAMP riders to race a 10 Km ITT.

· Saturday June 28 in Thorsby

· We will meet at the start location – Thorsby community hall and depart by 1500 hrs.

· Thorsby hall is 5.5 km from the start of the ITT; we will ride out in groups together

· LAMP riders start at 1530 hrs in 30 second intervals. Start order will be alphabetical

· LAMP entrants are free and you do not need to sign up on ZONE 4

· Tech guide is below, which has more information

· Volunteer coordinator is Bruce

  1. Sprint Tournament

a. Monday June 30 starts at 1800 hrs in Lendrum community

b. LAMP riders are free and you do not need to sign up on zone 4

c. You must register in person before 1730 hrs

d. Tech guide below (same guide for Sprint and Crit)

e. Volunteer coordinator is Peter

  1. Canada Day Crit

a. Tue July 1 0930 – 1430 hrs in Lendrum community

b. Not a LAMP event - the kids race is promoted as under 10 years

c. This is advertized as an opportunity to come to experience racing as a fan and also volunteer

d. Volunteer coordinator is Peter

Posted on June 23, 2014 .