Road rides May 5 to 11


Is it May? It's hard to tell by the position of the mercury in my thermometer. 

Tues -we will try to do intervals on Ellerslie Rd - leave Colchester at 6 pm. I will update late Tues for cancellation if rain or snow is present.

Wed  - EMCC 2 up for those who are members. 520 course starting at 7 pm. Suggest parking at SOC and riding over


Thursday - meet at Colchester for a " sprinty" ride - leave a 6 pm - we will head out on 520 and do a little loop - working on short hill sprints - good fun - more details on Thursday

Sat - 10 am from Good Earth Cafe

Sun - last Spring Series - leave Colchester at noon

Posted on May 6, 2014 .