July 25th - Aug 1st

This week: Tour of Bowness is next weekend( http://www.tourdebowness.com/  )  so if your heading down post here to ride share etc. If racing make sure you back the training off this week, but keep in a small amount of intensity to keep from going flat.

Tuesday 6 pm - Colchester (if racing on the weekend keep it down to about 1 hour, but throw in a couple of 4 min intervals)
Wednesday - EMCC road race glory hills
Thursday 6 pm - Hills circuit. Due to events around Cloverdale, meet at Riverdale Community Hall:  9231 -100 ave (over by Cameron Ave) 
Sat - 9 am road ride from Good E
Sat - Mon : Tour of Bowness

See u out there

Posted on July 26, 2016 .