Sprockids Program

(We had a wonderful season and look froward to 2020)

Spring/Summer Program

Join us this spring for an incredible cycling program for 8-to-11 year old children that will build skills, confidence, and a love of cycling. The Sprockids Introduction to Cycling program is an 8 week program designed to build skills in riding, safety, etiquette, and bicycle maintenance. Your child will learn the finer points of riding and handling his or her mountain bike. Each Sprockid will ride trails, climb and descend hills, learn to jump over bumps, and ride an obstacle course. Kids will be grouped to ride with other kids of similar skills, abilities, and bicycle size.

$150 + $40 ABA Insurance (Spring Program)


  • 2019 Juventus Cycling Club Membership

  • 8 weeks of adventure and cycling happiness

  • A Sprockids T-Shirt and water bottle

  • Alberta Bicycle Association Insurance

  • A wrap-up BBQ in June

Program Dates & Location:

  • Saturdays - 9:30 AM - Noon

  • April 27 - June 22 (No class Victoria Day weekend)

  • Argyll Velodrome: 6850-88 Street, Edmonton

Program Benefits

  • Learn-to-cycle program geared to children ages 8 to 11

  • We teach cycling skills, safety, etiquette, riding skill, and bicycle maintenance.

  • We encourage life skills with goal setting, problem-solving and decision-making.

  • Coaches promote positive values, respect for others, empathy, appreciation and responsibility for the environment.


  • Total Sprockid registrations are determined by coach/rider ratios. If you are interested in coaching, please indicate your interest on the form below.

FAQs about the Sprockids Program

  • AGE REQUIREMENTS - Sprockids must be between 8 and 11 as of December 31, 2019.

  • SIGNUP PROCEDURE - general registration opens in February 2019.

  • ABILITY - we will be creating a number of groups based on riding ability, so your child will be riding with kids of similar ability.

  • EQUIPMENT: your child must have a multi-speed mountain bike with working brakes. Your child must be physically able to change gears and work the front and rear brakes. A certified properly fitted helmet is required.

    1. The helmet should fit the head snugly, but comfortably. Use the padding provided to perfect the fit.

    2. The helmet should be level, and low on the forehead.

    3. If the helmet has an inner adjustment dial, use it to snug the helmet. Keep the inner support under the bulge on the back of head.

    4. Adjust the nape strap (from the back of helmet forward to the ear) so the buckle sits just below the ear, on the jaw hinge.

    5. Adjust the front strap to meet the buckle location of the nape strap. The helmet remains level.

    6. Adjust the chin strap. The mouth should be able to open. The buckle should be under the chin.

    7. Once the helmet is adjusted, you may need to trim the chin strap. You can use a match flame to seal the raw cut.

  • Also recommended are bicycling gloves and a backpack that contains water, snack, and a cold/wet weather jacket.

Parent Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for a few parents to ride along with the groups as Parent Assistants, with a limit of 2 Parent Assistants per group per session.  Please indicate your interest on the Sprockids signup form.



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