Edmonton International City Championship

Day 1

On a cold Sunday morning the best of the city arrived at the Argyll velodrome to contest the 7th(?) Annual Edmonton International City Championships.

The day started with the usual sandbagging and automatic upgrading of several riders and the eventual settling into two groups A-/C+ the C+ Bavarian had Cranx coach Dave Meurer starting a move for 5th, and got piped at the line, 4th.. same thing.. 3rd.. once again... The upshot is that he turned the sprint to 5th into one for second and Kasi Jain took the overall.

The A- race went as expected with the big motors racing for top spots.. and my racing pants remaining useless..

The C+ group Australian pursuit qualifiers were up next , with some epic battling and both rides going quite long... Unfortunately the rain cancelled the final.. so we may never know.

The A- final was down to Oliver Walls, Scott MacKenzie, Dan Nelson, when it started to rain and we had to call off the race. (and show that the fresh paint is slippery when wet...)...

Day 2

After a sunny week of 25 degree highs, clear skies and calm winds Sunday awoke to rain until 8 am 30-50km/hr gusts and 9 degrees... We resumed the Australian pursuit qualifier, which was won in a parade by Scott. Due to the want to jam as much racing we "socialized" The America and was handily won by Linsday, who also took the C+ sprint festival after figuring out how to neutralize the explosive jump of Kasi Jain. Cabbage took the grudge match sprint between himself and long time training partner Scott. In a bizarre reversal of roles, Peter Toth won the Irish Keirin while Jeff used his nordic background to claim victory in the Canadian Turbo Snowball. The Day finished with a soul crushing ten(ish)-mile derney race which we totally almost finished.

See you next year!

Posted on September 19, 2016 .