Gravel gets thumbs up at Stieda Classic!

Juventus race organizers of the inaugural Alex Stieda Classic decided to add a little spice to their road race:  How about a section with a few twists, and a nice steep hill as a selection . . . and hmmmmmm . . . oh I don't know ... how about we do that in gravel! 

U17 Podium - Alex Stieda Classic 2016

Yes, there were a lot of comments and thoughts about the added spiciness as race day approached. And maybe a few potential racers decided it was just a little too spicy for their taste. Seriously, would our race organizers do enough to adequately prepare the riders, and was the team ready to manage this intentionally included heat?

Cat 1/2 Men's Podium - Alex Stieda Classic 2016

Without a doubt, the gravel section defined the race. It was tough, hard work and the watts required at times meant drafting was meaningless. But it was fun too, with some twists and turns, a selective hill and the chance to change strategy on the next lap! 

Cat 3 Men's Podium - Alex Stieda Classic 2016

And the comments from the racers were unanimous - they LOVED it! And interestingly enough, the follow cars noticed how rider skills improved with each lap. So, yes,  thank you to the weather for having just the right moisture balance in the gravel section for the race, - it sure was a great day!

Women's 3/4/5 Podium - Alex Stieda Classic 2016

Gravel was all the talk on race day, but of course we had our superb team of Juventus volunteers ready to manage the details. The course was perfectly prepped - with road issues clearly marked, signage strategically placed, corners expertly swept, and the parking lot ready. Pre-race activities were completed in a relaxed and efficient manner. Volunteers, race officials and racers enjoyed an easy morning, thanks to the careful planning of the race committee. Look for more about this group in an upcoming expose!

U15 Podium - Alex Stieda Classic 2016

Cat 5 Men's Podium - Alex Stieda Classic 2016


Cat 4 Men's Podium - Alex Stieda Classic 2016

The more times Michael Verveda gets on the podium, the better the chance that Bill will pronounce his name correctly (jk).

Bailey McKnight all smiles with the win for H&R Block at the Alex Stieda Classic 2016.

Posted on May 28, 2016 .