Cranx and Sprockids in Hinton

The Cranx and Sprockids programs made their annual pilgrimage to the Hinton Bike Park on May 29th.   They were joined by families from the Devon Bicycle Association, bringing the total crowd to over 100 kids, coaches, and parents.

In spite of the forecast, the weather was fantastic and the trails were amazing.   Many kids got their first experience on pump tracks, drops, the skills park, and some truly flowy Rocky Mountain singletrack.   

As usual, the favorite track of the day was Flow Master.   The lineup for the trail extended to over 50 kids at one point in the afternoon.

Above all, the kids had fun and gained a ton of skill and confidence throughout the day.

Many thanks the the Hinton Bike Park community for their hospitality, support, and patience with so many people descending on the park at once.

Most of all, thanks to all of the coaches and parents who made the journey to Hinton to help provide such an amazing experience for the kids.  We couldn't do it without you.

Posted on May 30, 2016 .