LAMP C3s first up on the track!

The C3s enjoyed a delicious evening on the track Tuesday. Coach Gail began with a little chalk talk (OK - it was a white board), to help explain a couple of the day's goals. The group then successfully fired up their track legs & spidey senses for some laps, before finishing the evening with a timed flying lap. 

Coach Gail explains track etiquette and the paceline.

Gail demos her expectations, with assistance from Juventus Juniors Matt and Brendan.

Clipping into pedals is sometimes a little tricky.

Coach Gail checking dynamics and etiquette.

Active coaching for the C3s.

A quick shoulder check before moving up track.

LAMP cyclists looking great on the track, apron & remembering to stay off the cote d'azur!

Up to the rail requires speed adjustment, the correct approach; and the occasional save!

Hot weather means diligent hydration.

Gail explains the best line for a flying lap, and Matt demos how it's done.

Another wonderful outing on the track for the LAMP!

Posted on May 4, 2016 .