LAMP C1s evade the Devil!

Noon on Saturday was hot; and track conditions were perfect for the LAMP C1s to finish their session with a Devil. Coaches Alex and Peter explained the race, 'Devil Takes the Hindmost', and discussed some of the strategies that might be employed to win. The goal is to avoid the elimination, each lap, of the racer whose rear wheel is last across the finish line - and thus be the only racer left - for the win!

C1s offer different strategies for the win.

Time to get on the bikes and test theories. 

Oh no! First elimination about to happen. The more times you race The Devil, the better you get at staying in for a few more laps. Sometimes even experienced riders find themselves boxed in, and unable to avoid elimination.


Matt keeps a close eye on the pack, while Kasi comes up and over to avoid elimination.

Posted on May 9, 2016 .