LAMP Director's Father's Day fun!

Juventus LAMP director Bill Burtnik, is quite the fellow. On Saturday he insured LAMP youth were ready to put in a solid race at the Highlandia Criterium - a great little race in the Highlands Community of Edmonton. A few minutes later he put in his own effort on the course with the CAT 3 men. He also has friends in literally the right places. Next door to the crit, he joined in with friends for a little neighbourhood BBQ party. 

But that was only the weekend prologue . . .

Bill had ideas for Father's Day . . . Sunday morning Bill was up at 5 am to collect his youthful team, and head to Calgary for the School's Out Track Meet at the Glenmore Velodrome.  Juventus showed up on time and ready to race. Skills learned at Track League! and in LAMP, and some solid advice from Bill, proved a winning combination for the boys! The long daylight hours were put to excellent use in a very successful and full day. Well done!

Posted on June 20, 2016 .