Juventus checks out the Highlandia Criterium!

The Highlands Community of Edmonton is a historical neighbourhood located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. This year a bit of spice was added to the annual Highlandia Music Festival and Market - with racing of the first Highlandia Criterium!

The Highlandia Crit is bound to become a favourite. It is a fast course, and the roads keep you on your toes. The festival atmosphere invigorates the peloton, and if you manage a break on the front, the cheering is wild. 

A variety of Juventus officials, riders, spectators, and volunteers enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and evening at the Highlandia Crit on Saturday. A few uninvited mosquitoes were also seen and disposed of.

Race Director Shaun Adamson and Bill impressed with the racing.

Abbey off the front and working out the win.

The boys  . . .  also lethal at TL! Mat will take this one in the end.

Strong Juventus finish.

A little strategy with Tracy before the CAT 3 race.

Meredith goes over Highlandia Crit rules.

Juventus will be in control for the race.

The corners are fast and fun.

There are still another 30 minutes of hard effort before the count down laps.

Kinley doing her share on the front.

Michael takes the win with a great solo effort.

Dan recounts his flat off the start . . . and the quick change that got him back in the race second lap.

Posted on June 21, 2016 .