Juventus races The City of Angels' Master Track World Championships!

Los Angeles, California was a choice location for the 2017 World Master Track Cycling Championships: the huge turnout of competitors verified that. The master category comprised those 35 years and older and was sectioned into 5 year age groups. At the top end were women 60+ and men 75+. 

You may have the idea that not too much is happening in the older categories, that with a bit of training a world championship jersey might be easy to acquire. Oh my, . . . how wrong you are! A check of any of the timed events shows that only excellence sprinkled with luck produces a podium performance. And if you are racing a bunch race - comfort and a strong performance in a deep, tight, fast field is key.


It's typical to arrive a few days before competition commences, to get the lay of the land (track). A big surprise for Dan - the LA Velodrome does not have competitor washrooms! Every time a race is held, a fleet of porta-potties is required - but then again . . . perhaps their outdoor location has benefits.

All is soon better when Dan finds his favourite jam on the first grocery run.


First up for our crew was the Individual Pursuit. Dan Nelson competed in the men's 40-44 category, Gail Wozny with the 50-54 women, and Peter Toth with the 55-59 men. Performances were mixed, and all with great effort. Prior to competition, Dan had a chance to dial in his position.


Oddly enough, Dan appears to grab a snooze, just as the countdown to his IP begins; but maybe this prep has merit  . . . he lapped his opponent, and scored a PB!


A perk of racing in California is perfect weather for a recovery ride. When you're fuelled by the Official Breakfast of the Juventus Track Team* even the cherubs on a monument can appreciate your 'joie de vivre'! It's reassuring to know that our club is represented in such fine fashion!

*Overnight Oatmeal.


A registration link that led to planning based on an old schedule meant Dan's return to Edmonton before his Scratch and Points Race, leaving Gail and Peter to contest their respective bunch races. 

The Scratch Race was a good place to adjust to the tight bunch and figure out how to use resources efficiently. Riding too high consumed excessive energy, but would Gail be trapped if she rode down low? Gail experimented in the fast field, and was ready to take what she had learned into the Points Race.


Racing was delayed the evening of the Points Races. Still, Gail timed things well, and was warmed-up, prepared, and on the rail as the race commissaire gave instructions. This race was fast and tactical! Gail was ready: she was really smart with her placement in the pack, she attacked to her strengths, and she gave it all in a tenacious battle to the finish. 


Here is Gail, trying to cool down, completely done after the Points Race . . . and flashing a peace sign that attempts to say, "Don't worry, in spite of how I look right now, I won't pass out"!


And oh look . . . it's the beautiful Pacific ocean!


The LA Velodrome did a wonderful job broadcasting and promoting the championships. This picture from the Jumbotron shows Peter Toth battling it out in the men's bunch. Peter has had a lot of experience at the World Championships, and competes regularly.

Posted on October 20, 2017 .