Venue Cancelled for Jim Horner GP? No problem!

Late on Thursday afternoon (the race was on Saturday), race organizer Lorne Dmitruk received an e-mail regarding the event. Apparently, due to rain the use of Mill Creek Ravine was in doubt. Friday afternoon, Turf Management pulled the location entirely. Previously adjacent to our clubhouse, the choice of race location was now either Terwillegar Park or Tiger Goldstick Park.

After Lorne's late afternoon scouting session, the Pavilion at Tiger Goldstick Park clinched it for the race. Port-a-potty problem solved!

The decision made, Lorne went into action: emails to Juventus, emails to racers, Facebook posts, Tweets a tweeting . . . it was time to let Social Media do its thing. Fortunately, the cycling community is plugged in; only two people showed up at at Argyll Velodrome. 

By all accounts, the 2017 Jim Horner GP of Cyclocross was a great success! Thanks to quick thinking, the new course worked well; and of course Juventus Volunteers are always up for a challenge. Course set up was accomplished in record time, marshals kept the race flowing, and after clean up, it was like the race never happened. 

Thank you to the club for great support and congratulations Lorne on organizing a super race!



Posted on October 6, 2017 .