Week of June 9 rides


Well - more rain in the forecast but....

Tuesday - intervals from Colchester at 6 pm - unless its raining - if you are doing Banff I would still do intervals but only 4 times 4 minutes  and limit your riding to 90 min.

Wednesday - EMCC crit - 6 pm sign on. Similar format to last time - short races - little rest - great fun

Thursday - Cloverdale Hill at 6 pm or you are in Banff

Saturday - 9 am at Good Earth - or you are still at Banff

Sunday - EMCC ride at Tim's on wye rd - 9 am start or you are suffering on Tunnel Mtn

Other - condsider volunteering for the Devon RR on June 22. Talk to James

Prov ITT is coming up on June 28 - I need a few bodies to volunteer 


Posted on June 10, 2014 .