Week of June 16

Weather looking better. 

Congrats on the good results in Banff. Looked pretty cold!!

Tuesday - Colchester 6 pm - intervals - hopefully the weather is dry but if its threatening we will stay close - either just on 520 just east of Hwy 21 or if its really bad we will be on the graveyard loop.

Wednesday - Masters ITT at Villenuve

Thursday - hill session - meet at Cloverdale Hill at 6 pm

Saturday If not racing we will have a ride at 9 am - Good Earth on 91st and Ellerslie - I will probably be out at Devon

Sunday  - Devon Road Race - if not racing PLEASE  consider volunteering - we can do the race without club volunteer support

If you are racing consider bringing a family member or friend to volunteer!

Talk to James Lyon to sign up

Posted on June 17, 2014 .