From Dec 11 all the way till 31

As we wait and see how long winter is going to continue to  'mail it in' we still have rollers on Wednesday 700 and Sunday 900! 

If this keeps up we might be riding the track in January! 

Added bonus! Since you are missing the triple "s" core workout provided by hours of shovelling, sweeping and sanding we have added some quality core time to Sunday's workout!

Also Christmas eve, no rollers, yes - we would ask you to work a casino, but never to do rollers.. also we are getting the place cleaned that morning, so take the morning off and raise your egg nog tolerance. You will need it for the Dec 31 120 intervals of Christmas... there will be egg nog, and prizes*, and intervals. 

See you there!


* prizes may vary, show up on Sunday the 31st for more details

Posted on December 11, 2017 .