From Dec 11 all the way till 31

As we wait and see how long winter is going to continue to  'mail it in' we still have rollers on Wednesday 700 and Sunday 900! 

If this keeps up we might be riding the track in January! 

Added bonus! Since you are missing the triple "s" core workout provided by hours of shovelling, sweeping and sanding we have added some quality core time to Sunday's workout!

Also Christmas eve, no rollers, yes - we would ask you to work a casino, but never to do rollers.. also we are getting the place cleaned that morning, so take the morning off and raise your egg nog tolerance. You will need it for the Dec 31 120 intervals of Christmas... there will be egg nog, and prizes*, and intervals. 

See you there!


* prizes may vary, show up on Sunday the 31st for more details

Posted on December 11, 2017 .

Wed Dec 6th & Sun Dec 10th

Time to start preparing for the Western Challenge or some Burnaby related activity in the new year, and more importantly to train for the 120 intervals of Christmas which is just around the corner.. So we can start raising lactate tolerance.. You can work on your egg nog tolerance on your own time... 

Anyway we roller on Wednesday night with sprint fest at 7:00 maybe some keirin work. Riding the motorbike on rollers isn't nearly as easy as it looks... 

Sunday enduro + super core at 9:30....

If you don't finish your rollers you can't win medals... how can you win any medals if you don't finish your rollers? 

Posted on December 4, 2017 .

Wed Nov 29 & Sun Dec 3

Thanks to all who attended the AGM - always happy to have those involved with the track program take home a disproportionately large number of awards! Good work!  

Locker clean-out by Wednesday night ... if you have been keeping a fern in your locker, time to pack it up! (also how?). Please don't steal the company staplers.

Other than that, Rollers Wednesday at 7:00

Lock cutting festival at 9:00... 

Sunday - same deal... (9:30) we'll start a bit of off bike stuff too... pack your uncleated shoes. the ones with no clips, in addition to the  clipless ones... 

Posted on November 27, 2017 .

Wed Nov 15 & Wed Nov 19


We did have some additional snow over night so the turn 3 runs are fully operational. There are still some natural hazards on the face of turn two, so we are still reporting early season conditions on the north end of the track. 

There will be rollers on Wednesday night at 7:00, some more super speedy work to get that top top speed up...

Sunday will be enduro day. starting at 9:30

Posted on November 14, 2017 .

Nov 8 & Sunday Nov 12

Local update.

It's cold!...

Other than that.. Rollers on Wednesday! starts at 7:00 (arrive before that.. rollers don't set themselves up... )

Sunday at 9:00 (coffee) riding at 9:30!

Posted on November 6, 2017 .

Nov 1 and Sunday Nov 5

So the coming week looks like a great week to have an indoor velodrome.. which we don't (yet)... but we do have rollers!

Wednesday 7:00 start (for real!) sprinty stuff --  pack a lower gear and get that leg speed back up...

Sunday 9:00 start - more enduro oriented.. 


Posted on October 31, 2017 .

Fall Track Training

So it snowed... Nationals are over...  Time to think about next year!

We will start our Wednesday/Sunday Schedule...

Wednesday 6:30 arrival Rollers or quick warmup and 10 mile. (10 mile at 7:00) depending on weather

Sunday 9:00 Arrival (no ride this week due to the whole turkey thing, ok that's a lie, Jeff will be in Arizona, possibly eating a Turkey wrap...) 

Until the snow/dark is here for real, be ready to ride indoor or out, we may have to make a quick decision over a cup of damn fine espresso. 

Also, the AVA will be switching out lockers later this month... so please remove all contents from all lockers and the lock.... or leave the lock... Jeff really likes using bolt cutters.....

See you at the Track! or near it... depending on the weather... 

Posted on October 4, 2017 .

Back on Track for October!!

Aside from trackies preparing for Championships, the track has been fairly relaxed since TL!

But, now it is time to start to refocus. Our schedule will be here very soon!

Posted on September 27, 2017 .

Summer Solstice 10 mile Wednesday!!

It's a tradition - Juventus track types use the day with most daylight to 10 mile at 10 pm.  Gates will be open at 9:30 pm.  Will it be gentlemanly, or will it be ON from the start??

Posted on June 20, 2017 .